St. John Baptist Church Designed by Foshee Architecture - Artist Depiction and Rendering of the New Worship Hall and Sanctuary


Beacon of Hope Church of God

Montgomery, AL

4,000 SF Entry Addition

A new covered dropoff area, Renovations to the front facade, and a focal tower at the entrance


The Beacon of Hope Church of God project was to design a new entry for the existing worship center.  Beacon of Hope repurposed a former National Guard armory as their church facilities.  Above all, the congregation expressed two main concerns.  Firstly, the building was not recognizable as a worship center.  Secondly, the Church lacked a prominent front entry.
To address the first concern, the design includes a new illuminated tower.  This approach offered a cost conscious option to make the Worship Center recognizable.
To address the second concern, Foshee Architecture designed a covered drop off and breezeway to help define the entrance.  In addition, the entrance door remains in the same location.  Consequently, the interior did not need expensive reconfiguration.

In conclusion, the design repeats some of the architectural features existing on the building to address the congregation’s concerns.


Pike Road, AL

19,014 SF Interior Design

A Large Sanctuary, Fellowship Hall, and Decorative Lighting

St. John Baptist Church is a new worship center in Pike Road, Alabama. Although the Church began construction several years ago, the building was never completed. Only the exterior shell was finished.
As a result, the congregation hired Foshee Architecture to design the interior of the Church. Firstly, the two focal areas include the Sanctuary and the Fellowship Hall. In both spaces, we provided lighting fixtures to help define the space. Secondly, we designed inexpensive acoustical panels to reduce echo and improve sound performance. To provide character in the space, we used subtle color changes. Also, the plans show simple beam and column details. Finally, the flooring provides interest and detail. The inexpensive flooring materials include vinyl plank and carpet tiles.