Auburn Student Housing - Three Homes - Designed by Foshee Architecture


University Housing

Auburn, AL

3,600 SF

Exposed Brick Building in a Historic Downtown Setting


Auburn Student Housing is a project that designed three single family detached homes in the college town of Auburn, AL. The private homes serve as an alternative to on-campus or apartment housing. The project provides an opportunity for friends to rent a home together. This is a long standing tradition for students attending the university.

The three homes share the same floor plan. A unique front porch, color scheme, and roofline give each home its own identity. The homes features a large, two story front porch for gatherings. In addition, the porches serve as a separate living space. A front lawn also provides a place to play outside. Also, the sidewalks help to connect the homes to the remainder of the neighborhood.

On the interior, five bedroom suites provide each resident their own space. All suites include a three piece bathroom, a walk-in closet, and direct access to an outdoor porch. Moreover, luxury vinyl plank wood floors, tile tub surrounds, and stone countertops create a durable rental property. Finally, spray foam insulation helps to keep utility bills low for renters.

On the exterior of the homes, the architecture reflects a southern vernacular. The homes include lap siding, brick pier foundations, and prominent porches. Also, the developer located individual parking spaces behind the homes. This helps to keep cars out of site and provide a better street presence.

Finally, the design also allows for a single family to comfortably use the home in the future. This provides the developer an alternative demographic, should the housing market change in the future.

Overall, the design creates a single family home to house college friends. The space feels like a home instead of a dormitory.