Johnson Office - Front Elevation - Designed by Foshee Architecture


Johnson Construction

Tuskaloosa, AL

3,975 SF

Residential Feel, Brick Accents, and Custom Wood Post and Beams

The Johnson Office is a private office building, located in Tuscaloosa, AL. The site includes an office, a shop building, covered equipment storage, and a parking lot.  The office building is a new wood framed structure.  In contrast, the shop building is a prefabricated steel structure.  Both buildings contain an exposed, decorative concrete slab that is easy to maintain.  Also, a fence surrounding the site offers security and protection and the landscaping around the building provides beauty and elegance to the site.
The exterior of the office building is clad with cement siding and a brick base.  Furthermore, the general contractor created custom wood timber beams and columns at the front entry.  Also, the front elevation contains custom roof brackets at the eaves.  Overall, the Owner desired a building with residential form and style.  Foshee Architecture achieved this style though the use of materials, colors, and finishes on the exterior.
On the interior, there is a custom wood feature wall at the front entrance.  Next, the Owner asked for a large plan room, to lay out large blueprints.  This space contains custom wood columns and beams at one end to distinguish it from the main hallway.  Three pendant lights overhang the plan table in the center of the room.  In addition, there is a separate conference room for private meetings.  The ceiling in the conference room is vaulted and contains stain wood timbers and decking.  This helps to create a warm atmosphere in the Conference Room.  Finally, we placed the private offices along the exterior walls in order to maximize natural light from all of the windows.  It was an important desire of the Owner to bring in natural sunlight for all employees.