First Cahawba Bank - Front Elevation - Designed by Foshee Architecture


Bank Branch

Troy, AL

3,975 SF

A Tower Entrance with Large Glass Lites


First Cahawba Bank is expanding their footprint in the region and desired a new bank branch in Troy, AL. Firstly, the design features a tower at the corner of the building.  The tower serves as the focal point and the main entry into the building.  Metal canopies serve as protection from the elements at the entrance.  In addition, the canopies provide a prime location for the bank’s signage.  Also, the tower contains decorative brackets under the roof line.  Finally, large storefront windows help to create a dramatic lobby space.

Elsewhere on the exterior, the materials are brick, stone, and synthetic stucco.  Large windows provide daylight into the teller lobby, the conference room, and individual offices.  In addition, the drive through teller station provides three lanes for traffic.  Decorative lighting helps to highlight the building at night.

On the interior, one first enters the dramatic tower lobby.  A beautiful chandelier hangs from the high ceilings.  Decorative wainscoting and woodworking helps to create an upscale feel.  Upon entering the teller lobby, three teller stations provide convenient service for customers.  Again, decorative woodworking and stone provide a high end look.  In addition, wood trim creates a coffered ceiling.

Glass doors and glass partitions allow the bank manager and assistant manager to easily see guest in the teller lobby.  The glass provides privacy while still being available for customers’ need.  Moreover, a corridor leads to the employee only areas within the branch.  A conference room, break room, and several private offices are all provided.

Overall, we hope the branch provides a hospitable experience for all customers.  At the same time, we trust the project is an enjoyable atmosphere for employees to work.